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Pello’s Magic.

The Pello advantage lies in the consolidation and analysis of multiple sources of data through one software platform. Our hardware agnostic approach means that you can bring together data from a variety of sensors into a single view that can be easily actioned.

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    Any Hardware, Your Data

    Use the best sensor for your equipment and business case – and then view all your data in one place, the Pello platform.

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    Alerts that Matter

    Nearly full, tipped over, over temperature or away from ‘home base’? We’ll let you know right away by email or SMS. 

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    Real-time Data

    Use real-time data to make better decisions in the moment.

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    Hauler Efficiency

    Collect your containers at the optimum time based on real-time fill levels and eliminate overflow while maximizing collection efficiency.

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    Digital Asset Tracking

    Track asset location and health with battery powered GPS tracking.

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    Connect & Export

    Export data or connect to our API to get your Pello data into routing, work order management or asset tracking systems.

Daily Dashboard

The Pello Dashboard delivers metrics that matter – full containers, recent collections and containers that need attention.

Real-time Data

Pello’s captures data 24-7, and then pushes it to the Dashboard and immediately displays it on the dashboard so you can make accurate decisions with accurate data.

Connect to Legacy Systems

From routing to fleet management to billing, maintenance and work order creation – your systems need to connect in order to make the data work. Pello offers flexible and open API connections, data exporting and is ready to support you.

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API Driven

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    RESTful API is flexible and easy to work with

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    Pull data into legacy systems such as routing, ERP and billing

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    Integrate with GIS systems to track asset location and activity

Sample Reports you can generate


Get insights into which containers have the most contamination events.

Full Containers

Identity which containers need collection quickly using predetermined fill level thresholds.

Missed Pickups

Proactively solve service problems before containers overflow and customers complain.

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