November 01, 2022


Categories: Smart


Fires in dumpsters can cause damage to both containers and property when fires spread to nearby buildings or other structures.

Fires in dumpsters are a common occurrence, sometimes set by vandals or arsonists but occasionally can be spontaneous combustion of flammable materials. Instead of learning about a dumpster fire from the local fire department, tenant or citizen you the Pello system can notify you that a high temperature event in a bin has occurred with our immediate Alert feature so you can take action. Smart waste means knowing more so you can act faster and know more. Say hello to being ahead of the game with Pello Alerts.

  • Temperature Alerts – high temperature alerts usually mean a dumpster is on fire, we also have low temperature alerts in case you want to know that as well 🙂
  • Tilt Alerts – this alert lets you know if a container has been tipped over so you can proactively get it put back in place.
  • GPS Alerts – this alert lets you know a container is not where is has been tagged in the system, track your assets so you know where everything is all the time.

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