Meet Pello

Pello was created by Canada’s leading recycling and waste management company—Recycle Smart—motivated by the same ideals: can we do this better? Can we improve the environment and save money?


Carl Anderson

Director of IoT

Carl is a seasoned, results oriented executive/engineer who excels at helping companies define and implement hardened sensors for extremely harsh environments. Carl has forty plus years in the tech Industry as founder, entrepreneur, inventor, engineer and CEO for a number of companies. He holds an Honours Physics degree and a Master’s in Electronic Engineering.

Minaz Faizal

Director of Product, P.Eng, PMP

Minaz is a passionate engineering professional with over 25 years of Project and Product management expertise with local and international hi-tech companies. Minaz has a proven track record of successfully defining and launching new products and technologies that have resulted in significant growth and value creation. He is a member of the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC and hold a Bachelor of Applied Science from UBC.

Values & Advantage


We are engineers and waste management experts. We aim to become a trusted and valued extension of our client’s team, sharing knowledge and showing initiative at every stage. We thrive in collaboration and actively seek out partners and suppliers who share these values.


We are constantly looking for new and better ways forward. Whatever we are doing today, we can do better tomorrow. Finding solutions to almost impossible challenges is part of our success and a source of inspiration to move to the next challenge.


As individuals curiosity inspires us to question everything we know until we find a solution or work out a better one. As a team it drives us forward, pushing us to innovate and keep ahead of the norms, maximizing the positive disruption delivered through smart technology.

Industry Pros

We’ve seen all sides of the business – office-to-bin-to-landfill – and are at the forefront of what’s next.

Committed to Results

Ideas and innovation mean nothing without results. We like numbers, big ones.

Hands On

Expect to see our team on the ground solving problems with your team. From the CEO to our installation team, we get it done.

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